Saturday, October 31, 2009


The big winner is......

ok, brief little story first. About a month ago I broke my camera. I want to get a really good one for Christmas, but in the interim my father gave me a camera he won at a golf tournament to use. It's terrible. It is the worst, cheesiest camera ever, it takes terrible pictures. I knew it did take video but didn't really check it out too much.

SO we shot the video of the girls picking the ticket, which believe me took like 4 tries because they were totally wired and overtired from so much HALLOWEEEEEN but we finally got Katie to pick one ticket out and give it to me, and I am so excited about the winner. BUT

I can't get the video to work. We quickly realized there was no sound, so we held the ticket up to the camera so everyone could clearly see what it said. But now, the video won't open and I did so many things to try and open it, I think it's corrupted. I am going to keep trying but I know I promised that the winner would be posted by 9pm and it's now 9:10 so please, I hope everyone takes my word for it until I can hopefully get the video posted, that the winning ticket drawn by Katie this evening was ticket 371. and the winner is

Gail L. of Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Congratulations Gail!

Thank you EVERYONE for participating!!! This whole raffle was a huge success, and raised more money than I ever expected. Tina is just incredible and her generosity is amazing. Now, I can't wait to see the pictures!

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CONGRATS GAIL! So happy for you!