Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting to work

Here's some updates:

My aunt is working on making us officially a foundation. It sounds like it's a lot of paperwork and things that need to be done, but it's not difficult... just time consuming. So it's GREAT she's helping with that - we will be official!

The very first idea I had when we talked about forming this foundation was to use some of it to send a child (or children) to camp. I recently contacted a very nice reporter at The Star Ledger who did an article on the Fresh Air Fund in Sunday's paper to ask for her advice and help with this. She's put me in contact with someone who can hopefully help us. My main criteria is I would like to send a SPECIFIC child(ren). I want them to know they are going to camp because of Jack.

This is VERY late but another huge huge thank you to everyone who walked in Jack's memory (and in honor of Katie and Charlotte too) for the March of Dimes on April 27th. I received so many nice emails from people asking me if it was okay to walk for Jack and just saying they had thought of him while they walked. Thank you all so much, the March of Dimes is wonderful and I love that Jack was able to be there with all of you.... we will definitely do the walk next year!

One of the readers of my blog had sent me an email asking if her entire law firm could walk in honor of my babies - they ending up raising over $5,400! This is one of the posters she made to hang up in her office:

(Click on it to make it larger). I love it, it's amazing. Thank you Michelle! Thank you to everyone who thought of my Jack, and my girls.

Finally, if anyone has any ideas for how to use this fund, please email and let me know. My main concern is it go to a child and their family directly. It can be something as simple as a sick child needing a new bed or a tv for their room to a family needing help with their medical bills. I think our main concern right now is FINDING those children.

Monday, May 5, 2008

We finally begin....

Things are finally moving with regards to Jack's fund. We had our first meeting last week to start to plan the Golf Tournament (tentatively scheduled right now for September 29th at Hawke Point).

There's going to be an article about Jack and his fund in our local paper on Thursday and I'm hoping that really helps get the word out about his charity and the golf tournament. So many people have already been incredibly generous in their donations so we are off to a good start! We've begun really looking for the first child to help with the fund, and a few other things are in the works, which I'll save to share when they're further along.

I'm excited to really start doing something with this. Jack has shown us time and time again over the last 4 months that he's still 'here' and still touching so many people. It's time I started to keep my promise to him and help him continue to change the world for the better.