Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Gift

We are on our way to becoming an official 501(c) charity... it's very exciting! There's still a lot of work to be done, but we have our EIN number and things are moving (thanks to my dad and my aunt, mostly). We also are working on lots of ideas of what's going to happen with the money. I took the girls to visit the hospital where they were born and specifically the NICU. We got some great ideas while we were there and some people to contact who can help us find sick or hospitalized children who need help.

The golf tournament is still on for September 29th - if you're interested or would like to be added to our mailing list, please email me at We are also going to be having a raffle for a GREAT prize.... more info to come!

The most exciting thing to happen recently is we were able to use a little of the money we've collected so far to do something small for a little boy in the area, who I'll call Izzy. A friend of a friend of my mom's works with Izzy, tutoring him in his home. He suffers from a Metabolic Disorder called Neiman Pick's disease. It's an awful disease, that is worsening as the years go on. A few weeks ago we had a VERY hot spell here in NJ, and my mom's friend contacted me with an idea.... his family really wanted to be able to get him an air conditioner but just couldn't afford it. They live in a 3rd floor apartment and I know it had to be HOT for all of them, but especially this poor little boy.

We were able to give them the money to buy a large AC and even have a little left over. Here is some of the email my mom's friend sent me:

Hello Megan & PJ -

I gave (Izzy's mom) your generous check, card and picture of Jack this afternoon. Her father and sister, nephew, Izzy (in his wheelchair) and younger daughter were all gathered around the new A/C in the living room window when I arrived. It was actually comfortable with the additional help of two fans. We looked at your website, talked about Jack's fund and admired your beautiful babies. Izzy watched and heard everyone talking. He turned his head toward his Mom as if to say "show me the picture" and then looked right at the picture of Jack. He doesn't always respond to what's going on but today he was quite alert.

His mom showed him and told him it was a picture of an angel. I explained about the breathing tube and told Izzy how Jack has two sisters. He seemed to be listening intently. His mom said the A/C was $300.00 and they also bought one new fan for Izzy's room. The rest of the money will go towards a new mattress for Izzy. The money will be VERY helpful for these extras or just helping to pay the electric bill. I can't thank Jack's fund enough for making this deserving little boy and his family so happy.

Nothing has made me happier the last few months (aside from my two girls, of course) than that email. I am so thrilled that we were finally able to do something to help. This is exactly the kind of thing I have had in mind... we might not be changing the world, it might be a small gift, but it helped. When Jack was sick, I know the small things meant so much to US.

Thank you so much Emily for helping us find this special little boy and his family! :)


the schirano triplets said...

oh wow, what an incredible story. i love that you were able to help someone so deserving. goosebumps...

Linda said...

What a beautiful thing you're doing Megan. I got the chills reading it.

moonburst37 said...

Megan this is a great start and more wonderful proof that there's a reason behind all of this!

NJ Grandma said...

I had tears in my eyes reading this story. We so take for granted the little things in life - A/C, a fan and a comfy mattress. You are doing exactly what Jack is looking for you to do. Every little bit will help some deserving little one. God Bless you, PJ and your beautiful little girls. Keep up the good work.

Cheryl said...

Megan this is such great news!! I am so glad to see the fund in action :)

Sommer said...

You have been called to be an amazing giver in Jacks name. How wonderful! This is an amazing thing youre doing!!!

Pixie4199 said...

Megan, as usual Jack has brought joy to my life today. What an amazing story. I am so inspired!!!


(P.S...I am adding this to my blogroll to spread the word!)

Pixie4199 said...

Megan, you have received a SMILE award! See my blog for info.

I would love to help out but things are so tight right now, so I will forward the info on the golf outing and raffle to people I think may be interested!

Have you considered creating a "button" to Jack's website so people can post it on their blog? I put a link to it on mine with the header "Help Children With Special Needs!" I hope it draws even more attention to the legacy.